Capri Palace

Europe, Restaurant Reviews / Thursday, August 3rd, 2017
This was our third trip to this fabulous hotel – although on our latest trip we were staying in Sorrento and only had chance to visit the island for the day. We headed out on the boat from Sorrento and then back with a private charter in the evening with a local sailor – he bought the fizz and we bought the party – I can still remember the sea splashing on my face – what a wonderful day! a real must.
Any way – back to the Capri Palace – I absolutely love this hotel – from the location high up on the island on AnaCapri – to the customer service which is beyond excellent – to the aesthetic and well everything in between.
We had a wonderful, long lunch at L’Olivio – featuring what is quite possibly the best lobster ravioli I have ever eaten, combined with lashing of whispering angel – was such a highlight of our trip.
An absolute, totally recommend for the stylish traveller who wants to feel special in one of the most wonderful places.


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